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Flash Mob performance in Mahon Point Shopping Centre

Flash Mob performance in Mahon Point Shopping Centre

Monday 9 March 2015

INSPIRE is a Cope Foundation innovation project.

Innovation projects are new ways staff find to work better.

INSPIRE is a project based in the community that supported 2 people.

It helped them find out their goals in lots of things.

They found goals in work, in day to day life and in their leisure time.

These 2 people were supported to achieve their goals.

One of the goals was to create a dance video.

Along with friends from Cope Foundation in Glasheen and Mallow the 2 people took part in a flash mob.

A flash mob is when a group comes together to perform in public without letting people know it is going to happen.

The flash mob took place in Mahon Point Shopping Centre on Thursday 5th March.

Lots of people took a break from shopping to stop and watch the performance.

The response from the crowd was very good and there were lots of applause.

Team INSPIRE (Jenna, Joelle, Jean and Eimear) would like to thank everyone involved in the project.

The dancers from Mallow and Glasheen, Angelina and Paula from Physical Activity and Sports, Eoin and Paul from Arts and Creative Therapies, Matthew and the Communications Team and Mahon Point Shopping Centre.

Well done to everyone!