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Cope Foundation win Plain English Award

Cope Foundation win Plain English Award

Monday 21 September 2015

Cope Foundation and Inclusion Ireland are the winners of the first ever Plain English Awards for Ireland.

Cope Foundation won an award for using plain English on a website.

Inclusion Ireland won an award for using plain English on a document.

Plain English is a way of presenting information that helps people understand the information the first time they read or see it.

Plain English involves short clear sentences and using everyday words.

Plain English is important for people with literacy difficulties.

The Plain English Awards were given by NALA.

NALA stands for National Adult Literacy Agency.

NALA is an Irish charity that helps to make sure people with problems reading and writing can fully take part in society.

NALA provide a Plain English Editing and Training Service to organisations to make their communications clearer.

Cope Foundation won the award for presenting their information clearly in plain English.

Cope Foundation were chosen as winners by a panel of independent judges.

This means that the people who picked the winner did not take sides and chose the winner based only on who was the best.

The independent judges were impressed with how Cope Foundation “communicated directly to the intended reader throughout its website in a language that was easy to read and understand.”

Inez Bailey, the Director of NALA said: “We developed these awards as we want to create a public preference for organisations that choose to communicate in plain English. We were delighted to get so many entries from organisations around the country as everyone benefits from clear information, written plain English. We would like to congratulate Inclusion Ireland and Cope Foundation. They have won this award for thinking of the people who use their service and putting them first.”

Cope Foundation is very happy to accept this award.

Cope Foundation wants to thank staff, people we support and their friends and families that help to make our website as good as it is.