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Grand Job comes to a close

Grand Job comes to a close

Monday 8 August 2016

Grand Job had a reception event hosted by Cork Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday 3rd of August.

The reception was to celebrate the success and the end of the Grand Job campaign.

The reception was attended by employers and employees involved in the campaign.

Grand Job was a yearlong campaign to help promote inclusion in the work place for people with an intellectual disability.

Grand Job launched back in May 2015 and the campaign achieved 13 jobs for people supported by Cope Foundation.

These 13 jobs were made possible thanks to the hard work of Cope Foundation staff, the job applicants and the businesses involved.

Cope Foundation CEO Sean Abbott said: “We would like to congratulate all of the people who have taken up those job opportunities. Employers have spoken to us about the dedication and commitment shown by people to their work and many of the people involved have had their contracts extended in recent months as they are proving to be such a positive asset to the business.

There is still a lot to be done on changing attitudes and promoting the rights of people with a disability to work and there is still a real lack of awareness of the valuable contribution that people with disabilities can make to any workplace. The success of the Grand Job campaign has started changing attitudes and we would ask you to continue to raise awareness among your business colleagues of this hugely important issue.

At Cope Foundation our job is to support people to live a life of their own choosing – we hope that in the future anyone we support who wants to work can access the same job opportunities as anyone else, and we look forward to continuing working with Cork’s business community to make that a reality.”

Grand Job as a campaign has ended but work on inclusive employment has not ended.

Cope Foundation’s Ability@Work team will continue their work in supporting people to find employment.

Contact Marian Hennessy of our Ability@Work Team on 021 4643160 or email hennessym@cope-foundation.ie