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Ability@Work is Cope Foundation's scheme to help people with intellectual disabilities to find work.

Learn about National Job Shadow Day taking place on Wednesday 25th April 2018. We are asking Cork employers to open their doors and open their minds. Find out more information below and download the application forms here: 

I am a job seeker who wants to take part in the National Job Shadow initiative. Get the application form here. 

I am an employer who wants to take part in the National Job Shadow initiative. Get the application form here.


What is the Ability@Work Programme?

Ability@Work is Cope Foundation’s scheme to help people with employment throughout Cork City and County.

The business Community of Cork can help us by:

• Offering jobs, both full time and part time

• Offering work experience opportunities in your business

• Developing workplace partnerships with Cope Foundation

• Internships

• Networking

Through Ability@Work you can get work opportunities through:

• Work sampling

• Work place visits

• Work experience

• On the job training

• Apprenticeships

• Job shadow initiative

• Niche employment

• And supported employment.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is a nationwide initiative run every April by the Irish Association of Supported Employment. This year, it takes place on Wednesday 25th April. 

Job shadowing gives people opportunities to shadow a workplace mentor as they go about their working day.

Job Shadow Day is a day when we raise awareness about lack of employment for people with a disability with employers and the public. Job shadowing can happen any time in the year. 

Visits on these days could identify and secure jobs.


Workplace visits and work experience

These are both good learning tools for our job seekers.

They give a clear understanding of the job, the roles and responsibilities within an organisation.

Job seekers can identify the skills, qualifications and training required for work and can make informed choices.

Job seekers can learn the physical demands and appropriate work behaviours.

Job seekers can learn about job requirements, employer expectations and professionalism.

Supported Employment

When a job seeker secures a job in the open labour market, they become a member of the work force.

The job seeker can have access to the supports of a job coach.

Their employer can access supports on job matching.

They can also access suitable workers and work place accommodations.

How does it work?

The programmes are person-centred around the job seeker and the workplace.

An employment facilitator will meet with both seeker and employer.

A job analysis will be completed.

A training plan will be agreed.

A Job match will be provided.

The employment facilitator will be available to provide expertise and guidance to the employer and the job seeker.

The placement is fully insured by Cope Foundation.

The duration of the placement is unique to each job.

Benefits to Employers

Ability@Work provides easy access to recruit suitable employees.

It allows employers to show positive leadership in their communities, by promoting an inclusive workplace.

Employers gain a greater insight and understanding around disability.

Employment can change a person’s life chances.


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