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Physical Activity and Sports


Physical Activity and Sports help the people we support to be healthy in body and mind.

The Physical Activity and Sports department give information and encouragement so that people we support can make better choices.

The Physical Activity and Sport department offer four different programmes.

1. Aquatic activity and Hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy Pool Update September 2020

2. Sports.

3. Health, physical fitness and lifestyle enhancement.

4. Activities for older adults and people with multiple and complex needs.

These programmes are picked based on a person’s choice and their needs.

In 2015 people supported by Cope Foundation will enter Physical Activity and Sports programmes through referral.

A referral is when a health professional recommends a service to their patient.

Taking part in Physical Activity and Sports can help build friendships and social lives.

Individual and group activities are supported both within Cope Foundation, and also in the facilities of our community partners across Cork City and County.

Our community partners are groups that we share facilities like our therapy pool and soccer pitches with.

As well as using the facilities of our community partners we also interact with their members.

With their help we can develop and support Physical Activity and Sports to promote equality and inclusion.

The Physical Activity and Sports department has a list of values which they put first in all they do.

These are: honour, honesty, humility, enjoyment, friendship, fair play and respect.

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Physical Activity & Sports Department,
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