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What We Do

An Tuath Nua


An Tuath Nua is a Training centre in Montenotte, Cork City.

An Tuath Nua provides training to people ages 18 to 21 years old.

An Tuath Nua has 13 trainees.

An Tuath Nua is a training centre for people with a diagnosis of autism and an intellectual disability.

An Tuath Nua offers training in many different things.

Social skills training, computer literacy, community integration, personal care programs, sensory development, and numeracy and literacy programs.

Programmes are made to fit each person’s needs.

An Tuath Nua trains people to become more independent in our everyday lives and active members of our community.


An Tuath Nua,
Cope Foundation,
Montenotte, Cork


Tel: Jackie O'Leary (Administrator for Cork City Training Centres) - 021 464 3272
Email: Jackie O'Leary (Administrator for Cork City Training Centres) - learyj@cope-foundation.ie