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Cope Foundation Donor Charter

Cope Foundation has developed a Donor Charter which is consistent with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising. We are also fully committed to achieving the standards contained within the Charities Governance Code. This governance code is issued by the Charities Regulator to encourage and facilitate the better administration and management of charitable organisations. 

Our pledge is to treat all our donors with respect, honesty and openness. We commit to being accountable and transparent so that donors and prospective donors have full confidence in Cope Foundation. We promise we will effectively apply gifts to us for their intended purposes. The Donor Charter sets out Cope Foundation’s commitment to donors and prospective donors as follows: 

 As a supporter of Cope Foundation, we will ensure you will:

·         Be informed of Cope Foundation’ mission, and of the way Cope Foundation intends to use donated resources.

·         Be informed of the identity of those serving on Cope Foundation’s governing board, and that the board will exercise prudent judgement in its stewardship responsibilities.

·         Have access to Cope Foundation’s most recent financial statements.

·         Be assured your gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given.

·         Receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition.

·         Be assured that information about your donation is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.

·         Expect that all relationships with individuals representing Cope Foundation be dealt with professionally.

·         Be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, employees of Cope Foundation or hired third party agents.

·         Have easily available the agreed procedures for making and responding to complaints.

·         Have the opportunity for any names to be deleted from mailing lists.

·         Receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers to questions you might have of Cope Foundation.