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Cope Foundation's members, Board of Directors, Executive and Management.

Cope Foundation, a registered charity, is a Company Limited by Guarantee, not having a Share Capital. The Company has fifty members who elect a Board of Honorary Directors. The current Chairman of the Board of Directors is Anthony Dinan.

Honorary Directors


Cope Foundation Executive:

Chief Executive: Colette Kelleher.
Leadership Team: Sean Abbott, John Clifford, Mary Desmond, John Murphy, Marguerite O’Brien, Aine O’Callaghan, Colette Fitzgerald, Bernie O'Sullivan, Derval McDonagh, Caroline Riordan.

Honorary Directors


Revised Governance Manual January 2014

Cope Foundation Executive:

Chief Executive: Sean Abbott.
Leadership Team 

Head of Children & Families - Mary Desmond

Head of Finance - John Murphy

Head of Quality, Systems and Shared Services - Marguerite O’Brien

Head of Human Resources - Aine O’Callaghan

Head of Homes and Community 1 - Anna Broderick

Head of Homes and Community 2 - Liza Fitzgerald

Head of Homes and Community 3 - Patricia Hetherington

Head of Learning and Living - Derval McDonagh 

Director of Nursing - Bernie O'Sullivan


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