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Tax Efficient Giving

Click to download our Cope Foundation CHY4 Form.

Tax Efficient Giving is the term for when you make a donation to a registered charity like Cope Foundation and that charity is able to claim back the tax that you have paid on your donation.

When you donate to Cope Foundation the organisation could receive more value than the original donated amount when you fill out a simple form called a CHY4 Cert.

A CHY4 Cert is a tax relief form.

Tax relief is any program that reduces the amount of tax owed by a person like you or even an organisation like Cope Foundation.

Each year we send out tax relief forms in the mail to everyone who has donated at least €250 in the last year.

If you have donated at least €250 to Cope Foundation in the last year get in touch with us if you do not receive a tax relief form.

If you are a tax payer and you donate more than €250 in a calendar year to Cope Foundation, we can claim tax back on your donation.

Your donation can be in the form of one single gift or it can be an accumulation of donations throughout the year, for example a Standing Order.

A Standing Order is an instruction you can give to a bank to make regular payments to an organisation from your bank account.

This tax back scheme only applies to personal gifts and donations and not to funds raised through sponsorship.

Sponsorship would be activities like the Cork Marathon, a Pub Quiz or other similar events.

When Cope Foundation is able to claim back tax this is called a Tax Rebate.

Tax Rebates are calculated at a special ‘blended rate’ of 31% which means if you donate €250 to Cope Foundation that will get us an extra €112 as a Tax Rebate.

This would mean a total of €362 to help fund our services and supports.

There are three easy steps to Tax Efficient Giving:

1. Contact our Fundraising Office to receive a CHY4 Form or download the form here.

2. Fill out and sign the CHY4 form.

3. Post it to:

Fundraising Department,

Cope Foundation,



Cork T23 PT93

If you have any questions or would like any further information, contact our Fundraising Office on 021 4643220.