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Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2014 is used to promote transparency and accountability in the Public Sector.

FOI Publication Scheme

  1. Develop and evolve all Cope Foundation services and supports to be centred on each person. 
  2. Motivate and make the most of Cope Foundation’s capable workforce. 
  3. Optimise resources and find new ones. 
  4. Make Cope Foundation an excellent and democratic organisation which can grow and develop. 
  5. Foster Cope Foundation in the community. 
  6. Work for change and understanding. 


Read more in our 'Creating The Future A Strategic Plan for Cope Foundation 2012 - 2015'



The present Freedom of Information Act was introduced in 2014.

An Act is a law made by the government.

The Freedom of Information Act is also known as FOI.

FOI applies to organisations like Cope Foundation that are funded by the public.

FOI was introduced so people would be able to ask about things that happen in organisations.

Your FOI rights

FOI gives people certain rights.

Each person can ask to view both personal records and records that are not personal.

Each person has the right to know the reasons why decisions have been made that affect them.

If information in the records is not complete or is not correct you can apply to have them changed or deleted.

Sometimes information cannot be shared to protect the privacy of others.

If any information cannot be shared you will be told why.

How to look at records

If you want to look at records you have to apply in writing.

You can send a letter to:

Freedom of Information Office, Cope Foundation, 1st Floor, 1D - 1F, The Atrium, Blackpool Retail Park, Blackpool, Cork, T23 T2VY. 

Or you can send an email to the Freedom of Information Office (FOI Office). Click here to send an email to the FOI Office. 

FOI Office

Please remember that you must write that you are applying under Freedom of Information.

If you apply for information it can sometimes cost you money.

If the records you want to look at only have information about you it is free.

If the records you want to look at have a lot of information that will take more time. A fee may be charged based on who is applying.

What will happen after you apply?

You will be told that your FOI application has been received within 10 working days.

A reply to your FOI application will be sent within 20 working days from the day your FOI application was received.

Working days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Any decisions will be clearly explained and if any information cannot be shared you will be told why.

Details of your FOI rights to internal and external reviews will be included in the response.

For lots of detailed information on Freedom of Information Act 2014 you can visit www.foi.gov.ie

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