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Information on Decision Making Procedures

How We Make Decisions on Policy Development

Policy Development Forum is a multidisciplinary forum that meets quarterly to review current organisational and national policies and promote policy development in Cope Foundation. As part of policy review and development, all stakeholders including the people we support, their families, staff and Board of Directors are consulted as appropriate.

Policy on Policies

How We Make Decisions on Major Policy Proposals

Collaboration & Consultation in Major Policy: ‘Creating the Future: A Strategic Plan 2012-2015

As an example of Major Policy Development, Creating the Future: A Strategic Plan 2012-2015 was developed collaboratively and collectively. The process started with a presentation to the Board of Directors in June 2011.

Throughout a lengthy and inclusive process, which took place over almost a year, there was a real and genuine effort to involve and capture the full range of perspectives, viewpoints and other voices, especially those of children and adults using Cope Foundation services and supports, as well as their parents and families.

There was an open invitation to all staff throughout the organisation and from all settings, disciplines and all grades to get involved. 150 people from across Cope Foundation got involved. These included people with an intellectual disability and/or autism, parents and families, staff, volunteers and the Board of Directors.

Fourteen ‘Task Groups’ were established, met regularly and worked on different themes and issues. Their focus was to answer Key Strategic Questions. Final Appreciative Inquiry (AI) was the mode chosen for the work of the Task Groups. There were at least 100 meetings and, in January 2012 each Task Group produced a Report making recommendations.

All the Task Group Reports were combined. There was a major consultation exercise, with Road Shows taking place in 16 locations across Cope Foundation in February and March 2012.

External bodies including the HSE, and Department of Health were briefed on ‘Creating the Future’, as well as the Minister for Disability Kathleen Lynch, TD.

Creating The Future: A Strategic Plan 2012 - 2015 was publicly launched in June 2012, followed by wide circulation of a summary document.

Collaboration & Consultation in Major Policy: Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Creating The Future: A Strategic Plan 2016-2019 is being developed collaboratively and collectively. Expressions of interest to be part of a focus group to develop the new strategy were issued to the Leadership Team, staff and the people supported by Cope. Input was sought from various groups including the Leadership Team, The Board of Directors, staff and people supported by Cope Foundation and the feedback received was incorporated into drafting this new plan. The final draft of the Strategic Plan 2016-2019 will be considered for approval at the 2016 AGM on 19th May.

There will have to be a change in the way we deliver supports and services to the people we support. To enable this, we are fully committed to implementing the current policy provisions around:

Day Services (New Directions)

Congregated Settings (A Time to Move On)

Value for Money (VFM)