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What We Do

Suisha Inclusive Arts

Civic Trust House, 50 Pope's Quay, Cork, Ireland

Suisha Inclusive Arts is a community based arts initiative.

Suisha Inclusive Arts promotes inclusion of people with disabilities through arts.

Suisha Inclusive Arts builds partnerships with arts groups in the community.

These partnerships help create brand new chances for artists and performers to showcase their talent.

Suisha Inclusive Arts is based in Civic Trust House on Pope’s Quay, Cork City.

Visit their website: www.suisha.ie

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European Projects

The M.E.L.O.S. Project (Erasmus+)
The MELOS project focuses on musical training and music educational needs of persons with a boarderline, mild and moderate level of intellectual disability.  

It aims to achieve the development of cognitive, perceptual and kinetic skills through an enjoyable, creative and interactive learning experience with musical instruments. 

The project, using a game engine platform offers a dynamic interface that serves the needs for both self-learning and live instrument training through Music Education, Light and Optical Stimuli. (MELOS)

Visit their website: www.melosmusic.eu


Civic Trust House
50 Pope's Quay,


Eoin Nash, Manager of Arts and Creative Therapies
Tel: 021-4215155
Mob: 086-8074037
Email: nashe@cope-foundation.ie

Paul Sherlock, Arts Team Leader
Tel: 021-4215156 (Civic Trust House)
Tel: 021-4643229 (The Orchards)
Email: sherlockp@cope-foundation.ie