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What We Do

Doras Training Services


Doras is a post-school training service for people with a mild intellectual disability who are over 18 years of age.

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Doras Training Services is a training centre for people who have left school.

Doras supports around 40 young people to get the skills they need to work.

Doras offers job shadowing.

Job shadowing is when you watch someone do their job and learn more about that job.

Doras offers work experience.

Work experience is when you work for a short time in a job to learn more about the job.

Doras offers accredited QQI programmes.

QQI is Quality and Qualifications Ireland. The body who awards qualifications. 

The training programmes at Doras Training Services last for 3 years.


Doras Training Services,
Penrose Wharf,
Penrose Quay, Cork


Tel: Jackie O'Leary (Administrator for Cork City Training Centres) - 021 464 3272
Email: Jackie O'Leary (Administrator for Cork City Training Centres) - learyj@cope-foundation.ie