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How we write about Cope Foundation and how to use the logo.

  1. Develop and evolve all Cope Foundation services and supports to be centred on each person. 
  2. Motivate and make the most of Cope Foundation’s capable workforce. 
  3. Optimise resources and find new ones. 
  4. Make Cope Foundation an excellent and democratic organisation which can grow and develop. 
  5. Foster Cope Foundation in the community. 
  6. Work for change and understanding. 


Read more in our 'Creating The Future A Strategic Plan for Cope Foundation 2012 - 2015'



Our Logo

Cope Foundation's logo and brand are very important in helping people identify the organisation.

We have guidelines for using our logo and brand.

It is very important to follow these.

You can read these guidelines here.

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We work to make everything easy to read for everyone.

You can read our language guidelines here.