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About Us

Vision and Mission

What Cope Foundation is working towards in the future.


“A society where people of every ability can live life to the full.”


 “To enhance the lives of people with an intellectual disability and/or autism; working in partnership with them, their families and local communities, to provide a range of person centred services and supports. These will enable each person to live life to the full, influence the decisions that affect them, and actively participate in their community.”

Vision and Mission

A vision for Cope Foundation.

It is what Cope Foundation would like to be.


It is what Cope Foundation wants to do as an organisation.

Cope Foundation’s vision

'Your Life, Your Way.'


The mission of Cope Foundation tells us more about our vision and how Cope Foundation is going to do it.

Cope Foundation’s Mission

Supporting people with an intellectual disability and/or autism to live a life of their choosing, connected and participating in their communities.

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