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JBC Marathon Fundraiser for Donal Walsh #LiveLife

JBC Marathon Fundraiser for Donal Walsh #LiveLife

Thursday 19 March 2015

Members of staff and people we support in Cope Foundation Glasheen’s JBC recently held a fundraiser.

The participants ran, walked or wheeled laps around the complex in Glasheen until they covered 42 kilometres.

42 kilometres is the same as 26 miles. That is the distance of a full marathon!

They raised money for the Donal Walsh #LiveLife campaign.

The campaign is named after Donal Walsh who died of cancer at a young age. Donal is an inspiration to many people.

The campaign helps people suffering from cancer by supporting their families and improving facilities in hospitals.

After they finished the marathon Cope Foundation Glasheen challenged BTC to be next to do their own marathon.

Everyone had lots of fun and the weather was lovely.

Well done to everyone who took part!