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HIQA registration for Rossbarra

HIQA registration for Rossbarra

Thursday 26 March 2015

Cope Foundation Rossbarra achieved full HIQA Registration.

Rossbarra had a party to celebrate.

Rossbarra is a centre that offers both residential and short break accommodation.

Rossbarra has 6 houses and was opened in 2010.

Rossbarra has a mission to empower residents to lead as full and independent lives as possible.

People living in Rossbarra are supported to live healthily, take part in lots of activities and get involved in their local community.

Residents and staff of Rossbarra, their families and friends attended the event.

Cope Foundation Vice Chairperson Catherine Field and TD Micheál Martin were also there.

Avril Keating, Person in Charge, at Rossbarra says: "Achieving our HIQA registration is the result of hard work and cooperation of all of the residents and team. We have met all of the HIQA standards and we are delighted to celebrate with the people we support, their families, friends and staff and I would like to thank everyone who have made the registration happen and who continue to make Rossbarra a lovely place to live"