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Cope Foundation gets involved in Job Shadow 2016

Cope Foundation gets involved in Job Shadow 2016

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Job Shadow is an annual work scheme by the IASE.

Annual means it happens once a year.

IASE stands for Irish Association of Supported Employment.

Job Shadow week ran from Monday 25th April until Friday 29th April.

Job Shadow day was on Wednesday 27th April.

The Job Shadow scheme encourages employers to take on someone with an intellectual disability for one day work experience.

During a Job Shadow day a person “shadows” someone working in a job to learn about their working environment.

A Job Shadow also lets an employer know what it would be like to hire someone with an intellectual disability.

Cope Foundation would like to thank employers who got involved as well as the people we support and staff who facilitated the Job Shadows in 2016.

Look below to view some photographs of 2016’s Job Shadow scheme participants.