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Flowers of Hope - Growing Good Across Cork

Flowers of Hope - Growing Good Across Cork

Thursday 8 June 2017

Everyone here at Cope Foundation is excited to launch this year's Flowers of Hope campaign.  We launched the campaign at our beautiful Beech Hill Garden Centre.

Flowers of Hope is a fundraising campaign that has been running for over forty years. This year, funds raised will go towards Cope Foundation programmes and projects that develop people's communication skills.  

Every summer, volunteers hand out Flowers of Hope envelopes to their neighbours. There is a special packet of seeds in each envelope. 

People are asked to make a donation to Cope Foundation by returning the envelope or making a donation on our website

This year, we have introduced another way for people to get their Flowers of Hope envelope (and seeds). Lots of shops, garden centres and offices have taken a special box that contains our Flowers of Hope envelopes. Customers are welcome to take a gift of an envelope home with them, plant the seeds and make a donation. 

Ciara-Jane is a little girl who is supported by Cope Foundation. Ciara-Jane helped to launch the Flowers of Hope campaign with Jonathan Healy. Jonathan is a Radio Presenter with Newstalk and Red FM. 

When Jonathan was a child, he used to help his mother distribute the envelopes in their local area. Jonathan loves the Flowers of Hope campaign. He said: "Flowers of Hope has always been special to me because as a child I used go from door to door with my mother collecting for Cope Foundation and then waiting and waiting for the flowers to grow! What's great about this year's campaign is that people will be able to pick up their envelopes in locations across Cork and simply post their donation back to Cope Foundation. Every cent raised goes to help kids like Ciara-Jane, who is a wonderful bundle of energy finding her way in life. It was brilliant to see her communicate using Lámh sign language, which is one of the programmes supported by this campaign. So if you see an envelope, don't pass it by. Pick it up, plant the seeds and post it back!"

We hope lots of people will support this year's Flowers of Hope campaign. 

If you would like to find out more information, get in touch with the Fundraising Department on 021 4643220 or email higginsj@cope-foundation.ie

Pictured above is Jonathan Healy and Ciara-Jane O'Sullivan.