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Job Shadow Day

Job Shadow Day

Monday 30 April 2018

National Job Shadow Day was on Wednesday 25th April. Job Shadow Day is a national day of awareness to promote equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Participants explore the world of works by ‘shadowing’ someone for a day in the workplace as they go about their normal working routine.

Job Shadow Day is all about highlighting the valuable contribution people with disabilities can and do make at work. It also gives employers an opportunity to express their commitment to inclusion in the workplace.

Lots of people we support took part in Job Shadow Day on Wednesday 25th April and throughout the coming weeks. They experienced first-hand what it is like to work in certain jobs and work places.

Almost 90 people we support took part in Job Shadow Day. 69 companies participated and welcomed people we support into their work places for the day. Well done to all the participants. We hope you enjoyed learning about the different jobs. Thank you to all the companies and employers for welcoming the participants and giving them a great experience. Thank you also to the Cope Foundation staff who helped to make the day happen and who took lots of great photos on Job Shadow Day. See the photos below.

Together we can do great things!