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Hi there, my name is Amy Begley. 

I studied animation and illustration in college, and I am an artist. Not only that, I also spent five years in Cope Foundation's Suisha Arts advocating for people with disabilities through the Arts. My role would have been to make the world a more accessible place. 


My area of expertise and passion is in art and graphic design. In my artwork, I use different multimedia and I work with lots of colours. I currently work in Cork ETB; my role is to make information accessible for people with disabilities.

  Light Up Cork Artwork

A few years ago, I collaborated with Cope Foundation's Communications and Fundraising Department. I created the design and concept of the Christmas campaign, Light Up Cork. The landmarks in the artwork represent the regions Cope Foundation works. Cope Foundation's services and supports are delivered through a growing network of over 70 locations across Cork city and county. On the artwork, you will find the Shandon Bells in Cork city; the Kindred Spirits sculpture in Midleton; the Castle Gates in Macroom; Saint Coleman's Cathedral in Cobh; and the Baltimore Beacon in West Cork.

Looking back, I'm really proud of the work that I have created. The messaging of the artwork is still as strong as ever, we all need to shine a light on inclusion. 


Inclusion to me means a sense of belonging within yourself and being able to express who you are without being judged. 

Amy is a wonderful artist. She happens to have an intellectual disability and avails of support from Cope Foundation. We hope that through this campaign, we can shine a light on the incredible skills and talents of people with disabilities and improve people's understanding of the opportunities and the horizons for these people.