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Amy has worked as a graphic designer for 5 years and is employed by Suisha Arts. Suisha Arts is a community-based arts initiative promoting inclusion of people with disabilities through the arts. 

The Communications and Fundraising Team in Cope Foundation and Amy collaborated to create the design and concept of the Christmas campaign Light Up Cork.  Cope Foundation's services and supports are delivered though a growing network of over 70 locations across Cork city and county. The landmarks in Light Up Cork represent the regions where we work. On the page, you will find the Shandon Bells in Cork city; the Kindred Spirits sculpture in Midleton; the Castle Gates in Macroom; Saint Colman's Cathedral in Cobh; and the Baltimore Beacon in west Cork. 


Amy says, "I loved creating the landmarks. I wanted to see what my style would look like on them and see if they were noticeable, which I am proud to say it is. I love adding details and I get lost in designing that kind of work." 


When talking about inclusion, Amy says "The word inclusion is the most important factor here, especially when it comes to communities because everyone has the right to be involved, have a purpose, to make a mark, and to make a difference.  Communities play a big role in making anything possible...so it is very important that our communities are as inclusive as possible." 

Amy is a wonderful graphic designer. She happens to have an intellectual disability and avails of support from Cope Foundation. We hope that through this campaign, we can shine a light on the incredible skills and talents of people with disabilities and improve people's understanding of the opportunities and the horizons for these people.  

  Another example where Amy has showcased her graphic design skills and expertise:

Amy recently worked with Suisha Arts and Kanturk Community Art Link to promote a creative workshop and sculpture installation as part of this year's Culture Night celebrations in the town. The event was titled 'Rights Must Take Flight' and saw a sculpture of a heron taking flight being completed over the course of the workshop. Amy worked on the poster design and social media campaign to promote the event.