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North Lee ASD release Report

Wednesday 5 October 2016

In Ireland more people have Autism than 15 years ago

More people want a service for Autism.

But in that time services have not been given more staff.

Families are getting less support than they used to get.

Health Service Executive (HSE) started a programme for changing disability services.

The programme will swap specialist teams for a general teams.

Services are already changing but there is still a long way to go.

North Lee ASD Cope Foundation is one of the specialist teams that is still going.

North Lee ASD did a study on their services to find out a few things:
- What parents think of their services?
- Are parents happy with the services?
- What are the levels of need in the services?

To get the answers to these questions North Lee ASD wrote a questionnaire.

This questionnaire was given to 565 families who has been with North Lee ASD for a year or more.

140 of these families returned their questionnaires.

After reading over the questionnaires North Lee ASD wrote a report.

Some of the conclusions in the report include:
- Parents are happy with staff.
- Parents are happy with quality of interventions.
- Parents are happy with quality of communication.
- Parents are happy with person-centred practices.
- Parents are happy with how near to their home the services are.

- Parents are unhappy with waiting time for appointments.
- Parents are unhappy with waiting time for reports.
- Parents are unhappy with telephone response time.
- Parents of secondary school children are happier than other parents.
- Parents of children with a higher level of need are unhappier than other parents.

In North Lee ASD’s report they suggest changes based on the results:
- Shorter waiting times.
- More intervention.
- More timely written material.
- More timely telephone responses.
- More clinical and administrative staff.

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